15 Dec, 2022


WWE frees Mandy Rose from the racy Subscription pictures

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FanTime Page

Mandy is freed from her racy pictures of WWE on the Fanime Page. It is a platform similar to OnlyFans. Users pay monthly fees to access exclusive content from the creators.

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R and X Rated pictures

Mandy's pictures with her Fiance Tino Sabatelli. It is characterized between X and R rated on the internet.

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Women Championship for NXT

Mandy Rose's real name is Amanda Rose Saccomano. She was the Women's Championship for NXT, a WWE brand, for over a year. She then lost the title to Roxanne Perez on Wednesday.

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A piece of shocking news

As per the storyline, it is shocking news that a title that ran for so long would end on a standard television, given the pay-per-click.

Credits: Wrestling News

Mandy's debut in 2015

There are many underlying factors here. One is the racy pictures. WWE sexualized Mandy's character in the Present Era. Although WWE's content didn't cross the level of the content, Mandy was posting on her page.

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Outside Business Endeavors

Recently, WWE has made it strict and clear to the performers all outside business projects should be informed to them. Vince McMahon 2020 spoke about the wearing he gave the talents participating in shows like Twitch and Cameo. It is not cooperating with the WWE rules and letters. It will cost the termination of the talent if the rules and policies are violated.

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McMahon's Statement read

All the performers engaged with third parties. Anyone using their names is detrimental to WWE. He further wrote that all the activities should be terminated within a month. If repeated, it will result in suspension or termination from WWE.

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OnlyFans Zelina Vega

Earlier Zelina Vega was fired in November for starting the OnlyFans page. It didn't have any Proactive content; hence the company bought her back.

Credits: Pinterest

The Rationabilty

Like Disney and Warner Bros., WWE also promotes, creates, and invests in intellectual projects. Hence the intellectuals are responsible as it drags WWE to revenue.

Credits: News.com.au

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