With regards to her father's health issues, Lainey Wilson says he has a long way to go

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Posted on: 04 Aug, 2022

Love Like a Truck” singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson was forced to cancel a few shows last weekend, and later revealed that her father is in critical condition.

Her father's health status was updated via Instagram video on Tuesday evening (Aug. 2). Houston hospital's intensive care unit is currently caring for him.

Hello everyone. It's just about time to check in on everything which has been happening this week,' Wilson said in the video. Several of you probably already know that my father has not been doing well.

The power of prayer has already begun to work miracles for me in addition to trying to deal with this terrible situation. 'It has been a blessing to hear every single prayer. It has been a blessing to feel every single heart.'

In her words, Wilson said, 'The support and outreach we have received has been overwhelming and it does not go unnoticed.' I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and let you know it truly is making a difference.

It's not over yet, so please keep praying if you can, because it's truly making all the difference... it's only a matter of time before he turns the corner.'

In addition, she announced she would be returning to the road to continue with previously scheduled tour dates. I know that my dad takes pride in hard work, and as much as I would like to have him by my side every second of every hour

Wilson said she would follow through with her plan. I'll be singing every note for him this weekend.' I'll make him proud by singing every note for him this weekend.'

In addition to shows Thursday (Aug. 4) at YouTube Theater in Inglewood, Calif., and Friday (Aug. 5) at the Santa Barbara Bowl in Southern California, Wilson also plays Red Rock in Las Vegas on Saturday (Aug. 6).

She's referred to her dad as the 'toughest man I know,' and she's received many good wishes from the country music community, including those from Caylee Hammack, Hailey Whitters, Mitchell Tenpenny, Cole Swindell from 'Never Say Never,' The War and Treaty, Jelly Roll, Travis Denning, Muscadine Bloodline, among others.

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