The Witcher Introduced Its First LGBTQ Couple In Season 3 - Will There Love Stand A Chance?

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Jakier Finds Romance

In as much as we would want to talk about “Geraskier” that is Geralt and Jaskier whose relationship has become acclaimed in the witcher universe, we as well want to talk about Jaskier who is finally coming out as queer.Henry Cavill who was starring as Geralt of Rivia is finally leaving the show after season 3, this has caused a major disappointment among fans. Whether the acclaimed show will receive much praise after Liam Hemsworth becomes a titular is yet to be known upon the release of season 4.

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Jaskier and Prince Radovid charming first encounter

And ofcourse their cute meet had to go through exceptional circumstances. Prince Radovid was tasked with bringing Ciri to Redania, and he therefore had to convince Jaskier that she would be safe there. Jaskier quickly realized that this was some sort of manipulation and that Radovid’s friends were trying to make him reveal where Geralt and Ciri were. Even though this made Jaskier doubt Radovid’s credibility, they still had an undying connection.

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Their romance was made official when Jaskier was asked to take care of Ciri in season 3 episode 4. They shared an intimate kiss and it is inferred that they also spent the night together.However, Jaskier woke up and found Ciri gone, he also found Radovid examining the place - this is when he realized he was being played.Jaskier still cared for the Prince but chose his family over his new lover.

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What did Jaskier and Radovid say about their roles as queer?

Joey Batey who plays Jaskier told Times “I was very excited and a little apprehensive, if I’m honest, because I wanted to ensure that it was done sensitively and carefully; that it wasn’t, in any way, becoming stereotyped”. Hugh Skinner, who played Prince Radovid added, “As a gay guy myself, it was a thrilling opportunity to play an LGBTQ+ character in a show of this genre and with this much reach. It’s just been so exciting and a real privilege.”

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Will There Love Stand a Chance?

Their love might be buried due to complicated conflicts. In the season 3 finale, Prince Radovid is appointed King after the assassination of his brother. This makes Radovid so sad as he no longer wanted to work with Philipa and Dijkstra as spy of Redania.Before his brother was murdered,Radovid had told him that he had to be there for someone, meaning Jaskier, his brother was content to let him go, but this is certainly not the reality for Radovid after he is crowned king.

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Final Thoughts

The Witcher bringing in an LGBTQ couple is something fans are elated with as most viewers appreciate representation which makes them seen. However, Jaskier’s and Radovid’s relationship might be complicated following political and tumultuous events. Viewers will therefore have to wait for season 4 to learn if this romance is going to stand a chance.

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