Why ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Is Not On Netflix?

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Posted on: 04 Jan, 2023

Wednesday Season 2

Though, Wednesday got a big success on the streaming platform Netflix. But it may appear on a different channel for its second season.

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Wednesday on the No. 1 Spot

As per the Top 10 database of Netflix, the movie, Wednesday, remained at the No. 1 position within the week of 21 November to 27 November 2022. It got 341.23 million views within this period.

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Jenna Ortega

The breakout role of Jenna Ortega as the character of the iconic Addams Family set her role as Gen Z’s scream queen who helped her in landing the ‘first-ever Golden Globe nomination’ to earn the title of ‘Best Television actress’ in Comedy/Musical Series.

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Wednesday, the fan-favorite Series

The fan-favorite Series ‘Wednesday’ has yet to be officially announced for its second season. Its chance to return on Netflix goes viral as the production company, ‘Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’ (MGM), is tied into a great deal with another online streaming service.

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The Tim Burton Series may stream on Amazon

According to sources, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ended with an $8.5 billion blend, which states that the rights to stream Tim Burton-led series go to Amazon, which means the season will premiere on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service store of shows like Hunters and ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’

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Amazon and Netflix

It is still yet to confirm whether Wednesday, Season 2 will premiere on Amazon and Netflix. Amazon didn’t make a plan to viral all MGM content on Prime Video. Netflix may take a deal to stream the dark comedy online.

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