Why Matt from Little People, Big World does not have the right to refer to his children as entitled

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Several viewers of the show are unhappy with Matt Roloff's recent description of his children as entitled individuals. Even though he explained why he believed his children were spoiled, many find the reality star's comments extremely offensive.

Matt is criticized for calling his children entitled by many people. Therefore, they attribute his children's behavior to him and his parenting skills.

Little People Big World continues to exacerbate the rift between Matt Roloff and his children with each season. Even though family disagreements are not unheard of, the Roloff feuds just seem to be escalating.

For as long as anyone can recall, Matt and his ex-wife Amy have promised their children future ownership of Roloff Farms. However, Matt may not be able to sell the farm to his children due to his refusal to do so.

Even though Matt's main reason for putting Roloff Farms up for sale remains unknown, some LPBW fans believe he believes his children are unqualified to run the farm.

A Reddit thread started by user u/touchyfeely discussed why Matt should not call his children entitled. Many viewers of the series believe Matt is solely responsible if none of the Roloff children are worthy of taking over Roloff Farms, in accordance with his standards. 

Another Redditor commented, 'It is the parents' responsibility to teach accountability and set realistic expectations -- such as what is expected when someone takes over part of the farm.'

Even though many LPBW fans believe that Matt has no right to call any of his children entitled, considering their beliefs that the children are that way as a result of his parenting, there are some who hold the opposite view.

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