Why is He called ‘NoHo Hank’ in Barry?

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Posted on: 25 Apr, 2022


Barry is a gritty and intense drama on HBO. NoHo Hank, played by Anthony Carrigan, is the source of a lot of comedy. The show first aired in the year 2018. Since then, the Chechen mobster has been the show,s breakout character.

Hank,s character

Hank,s character depicts an upbeat and quirky presence in the middle of a dark and brutal series.

The storyline

Barry is centered around Barry Berkman (Bill Harder). He is depressed as he makes a living by being a professional assassin. He gets a new calling when joining a local theater in Los Angeles. He does so to start afresh.

Acting class

He joins an acting class with an aspiring actress Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg). The class is run by Gene Cousineau  (Henry Winkler).

The old life

Sadly, involvement of Barry with the Chechen mob makes sure his old life doesn’t leave him as NoHo wants to keep him.

NoHo Hank in Barry

NoHo  Hank is a major character in Barry. He is introduced in the very first episode. He is a member of the Chechen gang. Though he lives a serious and violent lifestyle as a mobster, he is unusually upbeat and optimistic.

Real name

Interestingly, we don,t know what his real name is. Probably, his first name is Hank. And to justify his full name, he is either called Hank or NoHo Hank.

North Hollywood

North Hollywood is usually abbreviated as NoHo. It is a neighborhood in Los Angeles where Barry happens. So, Hank,s name most likely refers to this neighborhood where he is closely related.

How did he earn this name?

Yes, that,s a satisfactory explanation, yet we still don,t know how he got this name. not an issue, we are happy to share a ride with him.   

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