Why do fans think Kyle Richards should stay on RHOBH  

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Several fans want Kyle Richards sacked from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for being a pot-stirrer. While some believe she should remain, others believe she should leave. Having appeared in RHOBH since season 1, Kyle is the only member of the original cast.

It was with her sister Kim Richards that she appeared on the show, but she left after season 5. When Kyle outed Kim as an alcoholic during an intense fight in RHOBH season 1, fans accused her of throwing her sister under the bus.

As a result of Kyle's behavior in RHOBH season 12, she has received a great deal of criticism. An episode of the show featured Erika Jayne drunkenly cursing Garcelle Beauvais' 14-year-old son, Jax Nilon.

In the aftermath of the incident with Dorit Kemsley, Kyle defended Erika saying the two of them deserved to have some fun after having dealt with a lot for so long. Many RHOBH fans criticized Kyle for making light of the situation, and for letting Erika act horribly toward the child without repercussions.

Viewers want Kyle's time on RHOBH to come to a close, along with Erika and Lisa Rinna. However, Reddit user u/Puzzleheaded-Rice-65 suggested Kyle should stay in RHOBH, even though he might get attacked for it

Despite my dislike of the way she manipulates the ladies with her 'Just Be Honest' BS, it might feel odd not having Kyle around.' Many RHOBH viewers feel Kyle would be more palatable without her clique to back her up.

There has been a rumor that Kyle, Lisa, Erika, and Dorit have an unspoken agreement regarding the secrecy they keep from each other. The fan wrote, 'She's easier to deal with when the others aren't around.'. UGT wasn't so bad for her.

It's just that I don't know. My feelings about her are ambivalent.” Another concurred, 'I think she'd be less obnoxious and conniving without her posse.'A lot of RHOBH fans think that the franchise is becoming boring, and they think the cast needs to be shaken up.

'The show is becoming stale now; bring some new characters with an actual purpose.' wrote one Reddit user. There are no Diana Jenkins or Erika Kinneys.” Diana Jenkins joined RHOBH season 12 to an unwelcome reception from the fans.

Those who disliked the multi-millionaire said he was pretentious and unrelatable. After hearing about Erika Girardi's estranged husband Tom Girardi's legal troubles, viewers are calling for her removal from RHOBH.

A prominent role has been played by Kyle in almost all of RHOBH's drama since its debut. The viewer believes she creates drama among the other cast members despite lacking an interesting storyline of her own.

Additionally, she is often accused of blindly defending Lisa and Erika, while allowing Sutton Stracke to take the heat from the other housewives. Some believe Kyle will be fired after season 12, while some hope she can redeem herself without her clique.

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