Whoopi Goldberg reacts to Elisabeth Hasselbeck's return to 'The View'

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 04 Aug, 2022

The View cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck made a big return. In a warm welcome from Whoopi Goldberg, the former conservative panelist hosted the long-running talk show on Wednesday, August 3.

During the broadcast of Hasselbeck's time spent at the table with the former Survivor star from 2003 until 2013, the Oscar winner said, 'I've had some of the best conversations about things that we didn't know how we felt about.' In 2007, Goldberg joined the show.

Hasselbeck chuckled before emphasizing the importance of being exposed to opposing opinions among women and how good it was to be back at her old stomping grounds.

'The world seems divided at times, but we have women, and we have men, and we get to discuss these things, and the last time I was here, I think the best thing was not to double grip on issues,' she said.

'If we as a society can't do that, we're teaching our kids the wrong way to talk about hard things. Hold your issue in one hand, hold your position in another, and hold your friend's hand in the other. 

It is something that we are blessed with the ability to do,' Hasselbeck said smiling. 'Relationship matters more than being right on things.'

The mother-of-three explained that despite the tensions at Hot Topics, it is ultimately about love and that it sharpens our discussions to understand why we think something is so wrong, Whoopi, before adding, 'I'm just kidding.'

Hasselbeck's return coincides with the expected announcement of The View's new Republican co-host that is expected in just a few days. 

Alyssa Farrah Griffin, a former White House aide, reportedly has been offered the cohost spot after Meghan McCain departed last year.

As a member of the panel, Griffin will join Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, as well as rotating cohost Ana Navarro.

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