When Kody brawled with a knife in the kidneys, Christine remained calm

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Posted on: 10 Dec, 2022

Season’s unforgettable moment

Kody Brown's explosive outburst from Episode 10 of 'Sister Wives' was just one of many memorable moments from Season 17.

Kody’s pain

A colorful analogy was used by Kody to describe the pain of losing his ex-wife during their last meeting as a family.

The discussion meet

He meets with his four wives to discuss Christine's move to Utah as part of his ongoing divorce in the scene.

An outburst Kody

Kody becomes increasingly angry during the meeting. In the crescendo, he stands to his feet and gestures with his hands, saying, “Man, the knife in the kidneys all those years! I've sacrificed so much to love you, but it's all wasted.”

An interview discussion

In her Zoom interview, Christine discusses the tense encounter and what she thought as it unfolded. Then I took a deep breath and almost leaped up. she speaks.

Taking care of the family

By tapping into her center, she kept her composure, she says. As she explains, 'I just tapped into what I feel is right for me, not only for myself but everybody that I care about.' At the core, she wants what is best for all of us.

Frustration and anger moment

At that moment, Christine says a lot was racing through her mind, though you would not know it from her face. She says, 'Everyone is entitled to be upset and angry. It's okay. Everyone has that right.' 'I have been through that. I was frustrated, angry, mad, hurt, and angry. But I decided to live my life, and then I told myself that I wouldn't let them stop me.'

Christine’s statement

Christine truly is doing well in Utah, and she recently commented on how happy she is. They share a bedtime reading routine every night.

Happy moments in the life

Christine recalls the moment when she suddenly told her, 'I love our life here.' I was like, 'Oh, I'm glad, sweetie. What do you like about it?' 'She was just so happy and loved everything about our life.'

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