06 Apr, 2023


What To Do to Increase Your Instagram Likes

By FactsWow Team

Engage Instagram Users At The Right Time

You're more likely to get engagement if you post during peak engagement times. On Instagram, Monday and Tuesday are the best days to post for maximum engagement.

Credits: Woobox Blog

Followers Can Be Attracted By Using Hashtags

By adding a hashtag to your caption, your post will appear on the hashtag page, making it easier to find. If you want people to search for or follow the hashtags of your choice, include at least 3 to 5 relevant hashtags in every post.

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Captions Should Be Compelling

Get followers talking by asking them questions, telling a quick story, and providing some fun facts. If you take the time to read their words, they'll be more likely to comment and like your post.

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Other Platforms Can Be Used To Share Your Instagram Posts

In addition to sharing your Instagram photos with other social media platforms, you can embed your Instagram posts on your blog or website to give people another way to see your photos.

Credits: Business Insider

Your Audience Needs To Be Catered To

It would help if you continued to improve the content that brought your followers to you in the first place, regardless of whether you're running your Instagram account to market your business, promote your niche interests, or keep in touch with friends.

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Your Aesthetic Should Be Perfect

You won't need the best camera to take awesome photos, but you will want to ensure that dark, grainy, and uncentered photos are edited.

Credits: Inselly

Share Content At The Right Time

Your niche, location, and content determine when your followers are most active on Instagram. You can use your Insights panel to see when your followers are the most active.

Credits: Business Insider

Make Your Posts Trendy

Put the latest topics into your posts to show your followers you're current and relatable. Find a way to incorporate popular songs or catchphrases into your posts to keep your followers keen on your updates.

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Maintain Consistency In Posting

To make your followers feel like you are worthwhile, you should only post once a day. Making too many posts will drive your followers away.

Credits: Teah Hopper Consulting

Relatable is Important

It makes people feel closer to you when you tell relatable stories via your posts and captions, whether you have a business or personal account.

Credits: DMA Solutions

Share Your Best Content WIth Reels

When you have a great viral video idea, create a reel instead of a post or story.

Credits: Travel Tractions

Engage With The Instagram Community

Show your followers and mutuals that you're active in the community, and you'll get a similar response. Take the time to like recent posts from your followers and mutuals.

Credits: WWW.e-Media.Asia

Video Posting Is Encouraged

Try making videos to give your followers something new to watch. If your pictures need to be getting likes, try making videos to stand out on your followers' feeds.

Credits: manfaatcaranya.com

Memes And Pets Are Always Winners

No matter what kind of content you post, if you want to make people smile, work in a dog, cat, or trending meme topic somewhere in there.

Credits: Imgflip

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