15 Apr, 2023


What Makes Renfield's Reviews So Mixed

By FactsWow Team

Critics Are Divided

A review of Universal's new Dracula film Renfield that blends genres, tones, and storytelling is divided among critics.

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Extend Your Horizons

A contemporary take on the Dracula story, Renfield sees the titular henchman of the author's master explore life outside the confines of his master's dark shadow.

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An Opportunity To Start Over

Nicholas Hoult's Robert Montague Renfield gets a second chance at life when he gets help from Awkwafina's traffic cop Rebecca Quincy while Nicolas Cage's Dracula plots revenge.

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Horror Meets Gore In Renfield

This year's Universal theatrical release Renfield combines gory horror, action, and comedy, but critics are divided on how well it balances the three genres.

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The Result Is A Half-Baked Film

According to some reviews, Renfield is too big on gore while lacking bite in its wit and comedic beats, resulting in a half-baked film.

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Comments On Critical Issues

Several of Renfield's critical comments discuss the overbearing action compared to its horror, which is reminiscent of a gory superhero movie or an overly goofy John Wick movie.

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Renfield Is Highly Regarded

Renfield is widely praised for Nicolas Cage's outrageously fun and scary performance as Dracula, but the problem lies in the rest of the film's campiness.

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A Mixed Response Was Reported

The mixed reviews indicated that Cage's Dracula was campy enough but not as good as the Oscar winner's story and performance.

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Several People Praised It

Cage's performance as Dracula in Renfield has received widespread praise from critics. The on-screen presence of Cage was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the film for many.

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The Reviews For Renfield Were Mixed

In addition, Renfield's reviews could have been more varied due to a lack of storytelling compared to its emphasis on gory action and physical humor.

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Popularized Significantly

This topic has gained significant prominence in the workplace and relationships in the wake of the Me-Too movement, as well as in Hollywood.

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Conversations That Are Growing

By responding to these growing conversations, Renfield's themes try to show how abused for a century and a modern monster would adopt his perspective.

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