22 Dec, 2022


What Apple Music Live can do for you to watch Alicia Keys' Holiday Masquerade Ball

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Album debuted at Christmas

The holiday season is officially here, and Alicia Keys will perform classics, medleys, and songs from her debut Christmas album, Santa Baby, in a Livestream concert.

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The concert series comes to a close

As Apple Music Live is wrapping up its concert series for the year, the 15-time Grammy winner will perform during its 'Holiday Masquerade Ball.'

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Concert for Apple Music Live

The Apple Music Live Concert Keys performed on Wednesday, December 21 on Apple Music is available to all fans, regardless of whether they attended the ball.

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Statements made by Keys

'I want Apple Music and TikTok to share this magical moment with the world as a way to showcase my first-holiday album.' Keys declares in a statement. 'This is THE party of the season.

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Featured in the movie

A release says the Holiday Masquerade Ball will feature special guests, including singer-songwriter JVKE, the star of the movie 'Golden Hour.'

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Nominated for an Oscar

The Livestream will also feature Oscar winner Jon Batiste singing Nat King Cole's 'The Christmas Song' and Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good' as part of a medley.

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Welcome to the family

The Apple Music global editorial head for hip hop and R&B, Ebro Darden, said, 'We are excited to welcome her back to the stage for the holiday season.

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Title track performed by Keys

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Keys performed the title track from Santa Baby, featuring an intro reminiscent of 'You Don't Know My Name.'.

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Makes people remember

The dream is to be a part of something that creates memories for people, like all the greats that created songs that created memories for people.

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The kitchen album

There's nothing better than listening to this album in the kitchen, by the fire, and hanging out with your kids. You can listen to it anytime, and it just feels good.'

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Purchases are available to fans

Meanwhile, Keys' live stream takes place on Apple Music and Apple Music's TikTok at 7 p.m. PST. In addition to the album, fans can purchase CDs and vinyl directly from Apple.

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