28 Dec, 2022


Wendy Williams is back from the Wellness centre, and she is very happy

By FactsWow Team

New Chapter

Wendy Williams is ready to start a new chapter of her life. She said it while she was promoting her Wendy's merchandise.

Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Holiday season

In the clip, Wendy wished her fans a happy holiday and said they should indulge in her merchandise since it's winter.

Credits: Wonderwall

Happy to be here

Wendy even spoke about her comeback from the wellness centre and said she is extremely happy to be back.

Credits: Prevention

Famous Quotes of Wendy

Wendy's merchandise has a funk layer to it. According to Shawn Zanotti, it comes with her famous quotes like How you are doing or Excuse me.

Credits: Jacaranda

Focused on the future

It's been nearly two months since Wendy's stay at the wellness faculty. After she was back, she focused only on her future.

Credits: Hollywood

Thanks to her fans

Wendy is excited to start the new chapter with new projects. She also thanked her fans for the love, support, and prayers for her while she was at the wellness faculty.

Credits: Dily Mail

Public appearance at Queens NY

After her wellness faculty stay, Wendy first appeared at the radio station's annual circle. She was emotional and shed tears, but she thanked her fans and said she was crying because she was happy with the love and support they gave her.

Credits: Yahoo news

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