Weather Alert! Snow and Ice warning in London and southeast of England

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Posted on: 10 Dec, 2022

Freezing temperatures

In London and southeast England, a snow and ice warning has been issued as they expected to trigger cold weather as freezing temperatures.

Payment by the government

In England and Wales, eligible households will receive payment from the government of £25 until the average temperature has been recorded.

Weather alert

Until Monday, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a level 3 weather alert covering England.

Yellow alert

The Met Office issued a yellow snow alert warning for London and southeast England on Sunday and Monday.

New warning

The warning lasts 24 hours; 2 cm to 5cm of snow could fall quite widely and rise up to 10cm deep in places.

Issues to be faced at the time of snowfall

Because of snow, there may be a travel delay on roads, trains, and planes, power cuts, injuries from slips on ice, and communities being cut off.


Overnight temperatures will likely dip widely below 0c, with some sheltered spots dropping -10C.

Remains cold

Based on the outlook, the UK will remain cold for at least the next seven consecutive days, potentially remaining even longer.

Turn off the heating

6.7 million UK households are fuel-poor after energy prices have doubled in a year. People are forced to turn off their heating when they need it most.

Protecting vulnerable society

Additional help comes from wider government support, including £1,200 in direct payments issued to millions of low-income households.

Energy bills

The government is providing households £400 towards their energy bills this winter.

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