We Say You Want a Revolution in The Witcher: Blood Origin

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Posted on: 26 Dec, 2022

Taking over the entire planet

There is a war coming to Xin'Trea in this final episode. Merwyn the Massacre, however, is focused on conquering further afield and dominating all of humanity.

Credits: Witcher Wiki

A betrayal by Balor

After conjuring a portal, Balor betrays them all and kills Fenrik with his newfound chaos powers, embracing it all as if it were his own.

Credits: Polygon

Ensure the city square is secure

Meanwhile, the rest of the party heads to the town square to secure the town square before Merwyn and Fjall arrive at the palace.

Credits: WinterIsComing.net

Destruction and beheading

A betrayer, Merwyn, decides to have Scion beheaded and destroyed, but Eile rallies the troops to her side to overthrow the Empire because there is no food.

Credits: The Verge

A leader and a follower

The two soldiers leading Fjall away lose their lives while Scion destroys two soldiers leading her away in the throne room.

Credits: Digital Spy

Come together as a group

As the motley group comes together, Callan and Zacare kiss as they head off to stop the monolith before parting ways.

Credits: Netflix

Fighting until the end

Inevitably, Geldof gets struck by an arrow in the shoulder but ignores it, tearing it out and keeping on fighting.

Credits: ComingSoon.net

Magical control over Chaos

Upon his return, Balor meets Syndril and Zacare again, and the pair realize that he can control Chaos magic.

Credits: Vulture

Be seated on the throne

Merwyn has to sit on the throne and plead with her subjects to remember her after she is stabbed by a creature, while Djall fights off the creature outside.

Credits: TV Fanatic

Swords are grabbed

Embracing the beast within, Djall hulks out and grabs a large sword, launching it at the winged creature from the side and almost striking it fatally.

Credits: Polygon

Kaleidoscopic results

The conjunction of the spheres occurs when worlds collide, which results in a kaleidoscope of colors in the sky.

Credits: Vulture

Life ceased to exist

The continent then awoke with humans walking among elves for no apparent reason, but every living thing fell silent.

Credits: Redanian Intelligence

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