WBD to reboot Harry Potter Universe but without featuring Daniel Radcliffe

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Posted on: 29 Dec, 2022

Revered Franchise

Harry Potter is the most revered franchise, and that one enjoys a massive fanbase worldwide.

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The Wizards

A story of a wizard that comes to life featured Daniel Radcliffe, who played the main lead, Harry Potter. He has a strong fan base, and the viewers demand him in the Harry Potter Universe comeback.

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Daniel is not interested

Unfortunately, Daniel Radcliffe is not interested in making a comeback as Harry Potter Universe since he has other projects.

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The Storyline

The studio is planning to take the Universe ahead by covering the story of every character involved in the Harry Potter World.

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Most Prominent Rumor

Until now, the most prominent rumor of the studio was the adaption of the cursed child. But it was a rumor, after all. However, the Harry Potter adaptation has a chance to come to life.

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Some Twitter leaks of WBD claim they are thinking of rebooting Harry Potter. They will introduce a new cast, and Daniel and Emma won't be a part of the Universe. Although the studio wanted Daniel, he has denied being a part of the Universe as of now.

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Daniel is out of it

Daniel said that when he was doing the Harry Potter original, he was excited and looked forward to it. But when he was done, Daniel said he was out of it for once.

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Never say never

Daniel compared his answer to the Star Wars Guy, who made it after 30-40years. While to Daniel has only been ten years, so he had said that in the future, he could think about it but not now.

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