16 Dec, 2022


Watch These Top Christmas Movies On Netflix For A Christmas Marathon!

By FactsWow Team

Falling for Christmas - 2022!

Falling for Christmas is a Christmas romantic comedy film. It is the platform for the return of Lindsay Lohan and Glee's Chord Overstreet. The film leads to an apparent Trap or Freaky Friday revival.

Credits: Stylist

Let It Snow – 2019!

Let It Snow is an American Christmas comedy film directed by Luke Snellin. This kind of movie is a welcome breath of fresh Christmas air. It features romance, comedy, and the perfect amount of holiday cheer.

Credits: IMBb

A Castle for Christmas - 2021!

A Castle for Christmas is an American Christmas romantic movie directed by Mary Lambert. In this film, two souls, Brooke Shields and Carl Elwes, search to learn about their family lineages.

Credits: IMBb

Single All the Way - 2021!

Single All the Way is a Canadian Christmas comedy directed by Michael Mayer. It is the best fit film expected from a Netflix holiday rom-com. The film focuses on a queer couple.

Credits: IMBb

Fireplace for Your Home – 2008!

Fireplace for Your Home is the groundbreaking sequel ' of Birchwood Edition.' It's one of the greatest additions to Netflix’s holiday category.

Credits: Interior Design Ideas

Robin Robin – 2021!

Robin Robin is a stop-motion musical television special directed by Dan Ojari and Mikey Please. A Christmas special tells the story of a young robin raised by mice.

Credits: Netflix

A Boy Called Christmas - 2021!

A Boy Called Christmas is a Christmas fantasy film directed by Gil Kenan. It is the clever reimagination of St. Nicholas, who came to find his purpose.

Credits: Roger Ebert

Holidate – 2020!

Holidate is a romantic comedy film directed by John Whitesell. It has a unique brand of kitsch. Emma Roberts pulls off this quirky flick about a duo who tried to be single and decided to couple up.

Credits: Netflix

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