Watch Lady Gaga's fiery remarks about abortion and LGBT rights as she kicks off her U.S. tour

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Posted on: 11 Aug, 2022

The Chromatica Ball tour's U.S. leg kicked off with a pointed message for lawmakers from Lady Gaga.

In response to the Supreme Court's June abolition of Roe v. Wade, the pop icon paused her concert at Nationals Park on Monday.

In advance of singing her 2011 smash, “ Edge of Glory,” Gaga told the crowd that she dedicated the song to all women in America who “now have to worry about their bodies if they get pregnant.”

Gaga's video from the D.C. concert made its way across social media, sharing her thoughts on abortion rights.This clip shows her praying for unity, saying, 'I pray that we speak up and stick together.'. Our goal is “we won’t stop until it’s right! ”

There was more to the 13-time Grammy winner, however.She asked the audience moments later. “What about all the raped women? The question was asked shortly after. Isn't it tragic that so many women die during childbirth? ”

Her performance brought up these issues, and she explained why she addressed them.It wasn't my intention to be depressing,' she explained. Showbiz isn't everything. Some things are more important.

Many Americans are rightfully worried that LGBTQ rights, including same-sex marriage, may soon be rolled back by the federal government as a result of the Supreme Court's ultraconservative rulings on abortion and gun control.

In response to these concerns, Gaga, a longtime advocate for equal rights, used a portion of her set to discuss the possibility of a Supreme Court reconsideration.

The artist is currently on tour to promote her 2020 album 'Chromatica.' (Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.)As she transitioned into 2011's 'Born This Way,' a track long associated with the LGBTQ community, she reportedly declared.

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