29 Dec, 2022


Utah Mountain Climber Tim Thompson's near-death experience

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A mountain climber recalls his close call with death after plummeting 40 feet from the Finger of Fate climbing route in Utah.

Credits: ABC News

Tim Thompson, in his interview

The 29-year-old Tim Thompson, in his interview with a news channel, spoke about his experience climbing the mountain and falling 40 feet.

Credits: NewsBreak

Tim and his friend's mountain excursion

The 29-year-old Thompson, a recent father, set out with a close pal on an ice-climbing excursion on Monday morning close to Bridal Veil Falls.

Credits: ABC4 Utah

Tim lost balance

As Thompson ascended to the peak, a piece of ice broke off from the mountain, causing him to lose his balance.

Credits: ABC4 Utah

Tim rescued

One of Thompson's buddies, Dustin Lyons, was among those who responded to Thompson's companion's urgent appeal for assistance.

Credits: NEWS10 ABC

Climber suffered broken back and arm

Due to his fall, Tim suffered a broken arm and a terrible broken back.

Credits: NEWS10 ABC

Tim rescued in operation

According to Utah County Search and Rescue, the effort to rescue Thompson ultimately required the assistance of about 50 individuals from several organizations, all while the temperature started to rise.

Credits: NEWS10 ABC

Tim encouraging other mountain climbers

Thompson said he would not stop ice climbing despite the close call.

Credits: UPMatters.com

GoFundMe page dedicated to Tim

A GoFundMe page was created to pay off his medical bills.

Credits: GoFundMe

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