29 Dec, 2022


Using a new app, users may modify the iOS 16 system font on their iPhone without having to jailbreak it

By FactsWow Team

Several features!

Apple iOS is notorious for its lack of flexibility and customizations. iOS locks down some features to provide a uniform experience to users.

Credits: Redmond Pie

Software developer!

A software developer has developed an app that lets Apple users change their iOS system font without jailbreaking their iPhones.

Credits: Mashable India

Unjailbroken devices!

The App works on iOS 16.1.2 below on unjailbroken devices and includes nine different fonts to experiment with more added over time.

Credits: Dr.Fone

Posted on Twitter!

On December 26, developer Zhuowei Zhang posted the link to his App on Twitter and has since added more fonts.

Credits: The Indian Express

Font replacement!

Zhang explained the font replacement is only temporary and all changes are rolled back after a reboot. He advised users to back up there before using the App.

Credits: Mobilpriser

Screengrabs by Zhang!

Zhang has posted Screengrabs of the iPhone settings menu, Apple Music app, the App Store, Messages, contacts, and the Weather app with text featuring new fonts.

Credits: IMore

Featuring fonts!

The fonts in the App feature DejaVu Sans Condensed, Go Mono, Fira Sans, DejaVu Sans Mono, DejaVu Serif, Go Regular, Segoe UI, Comic Sans MS, and Choco Cooky.

Credits: The Economic Times

Customization on Apple!

Apple recently added some customization options by introducing Widgets on the home screen but needs to catch up to Android regarding personalization options available to users.

Credits: CNBC

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