Unraveling the Mystery: Has the Hit Series Yellowstone Been Cancelled or Is There More to Come?

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Famous drama series Yellowstone will finally ends after season 5 part 2. The good news for the fans is that the sequel series of their favourite show Yellowstone is on its way. Mathew McConaughey will star in the lead role of Yellowstone spinoff. The new spinoff series was initially planned to be premiered in December 2023, but there might be a delay because of the writers and actors strikes

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President and CEO of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios Chris McCarthy said in a statement that Yellowstone has been the cornerstone on which they have launched a whole universe of global hits –from the year 1883 to Tulsa King, and he is hopeful that this sequel will be another blockbuster, he thanked the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan and the amazing cast and crew who bring these shows to life

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The CEO of 101 Studios David Glasser said “The Dutton Tale continues, starting from where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale”

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He futher added that they are excited to bring this new journey to viewers around the world. Episode 8 of the fifth season will air on New Year’s Day. However episode 9 is expected to hit our screens in November this year

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During Deadline’s Contenders Television panel in April 2023, he said that Taylor Sheridan is in Texas spinning hay into gold and we are hoping we will do it soon, since everybody is excited.

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There were several rumours about the show coming to an end. A report says that the second half of the season Yellowstone is supposed to begin filming in March, but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that achieving that goal is looking quite doubtful.

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This is the first time that Mathew McConaughey’s name has entered the show. Taylor Sheridan is developing a spinoff set on the titular Texas ranch earmarked for the Paramount Network, which seems to be the perfect match for the sequel series.

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Marty Singer put the rumours to end by saying that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of Season 5 of Yellowstone is pure lie, he told this to Puck News.

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Little information is out yet about the sequel series, but we will update you with more information when we have it. You can find out more about it when Yellowstone's Season 5 Episode 9 will be here.

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