Unearthed: “F**ked UP” Law, Joe Rogan’s Open Letter To Kelloggs After They Fired Michael Phelps

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

Famous Comedian

Joe Rogan is a comedian and a respected podcaster. He revolutionized the podcasting space after his podcast in 2009 named “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Rogan does not back down from sharing his thoughts and has always stood up for his beliefs.

Kelloggs Open Letter

Let us go back to writing an open letter to Kelloggs after they fired Michael Phelps over his use of hemp.

Contract Terminated

In 2009, Phelps was imaged while laughing at some hemp. This led to some controversies, and Kellogg's ultimately canceled its contract with him. Rogan is not a fan of this and updated his open letter on his blog.

Relative Harmless

Rogan started the letter by saying he thinks any reasonably intelligent person would admit that it is one of the most f***ed up laws we have today in this country.

He added that hemp is 'relatively harmless' and far less enormous than prescription drugs and alcohol. He conjointly explained why it was illegal at the time.

Legal Demand For Drugs

He pointed out that making it legal would significantly affect the demand for a host of prescription drugs that rake in billions of dollars each year for pharmaceutical companies.

The Illogical Law

Rogan also mentioned that hemp hadn't killed a person in over 10,000 years. He called it an illogical law that is in place because of the propaganda.

According to him, telling someone they cannot do something they enjoy even though it hurts no one is 'madness,' 'ignorant,' and utterly f*cking un-American.

Resources And Law Enforcement

He conjointly called hemp laws a waste of resources and law enforcement. Rogan knew it was stupid to spend taxpayers' demand on any 'victimless bulls*it.'

Company Impact

He pointed out that many 'potheads' like himself buy their products and that this situation would adversely impact the company. Rogan ended the letter by asking Kellogg's folks to smarten the f*** up and said he would go and make Eggo waffles.

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