Life After Lockup: Shawn's ex-girlfriends plan to crash his wedding

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Shawn's two exes are preparing to crash his wedding to Sara in an exclusive clip from Friday's episode of Life After Lockup. A wedding is planned for Shawn and Sara before they become parents.

As the series progresses, the couples' families are becoming more supportive of their wedding plans. It is already known to Shawn that Sara has a mother and a daughter. However, Sara only met Shawn's adult son during the awkward family meeting where Sara learned of her pregnancy when he was 36 years old.

Seeing the obvious tension between Shawn's family and his love life, Sara feels hesitant to marry Shawn due to the secrecy surrounding his love life and new family. Despite Shawn's ex-girlfriends reaching out to him constantly, Sara has already put a stop to it. Understandably, Shawn and Kelly have six children together, but she doesn't understand why Kelly makes so many calls.

Another ex-girlfriend of Shawn's, Destiny, just completed another prison stint and is looking for money from him. Shawn's secrets keep coming back to bite him even though Sara just wants a peaceful home for her family to grow in.

Kelly and Destiny are attending Shawn and Sara's wedding, according to an exclusive WeTV clip. He has no idea that his two ex-girlfriends are attending his wedding. At the airport, Kelly is with Shawn and Gracie's daughter, who is said to have wanted to attend the wedding, but couldn't go without her mother.

An old friend of Gracie's named A.J. is also in town and the trio is getting ready for Shawn's wedding. Gracie is wary of Shawn after their last encounter went poorly, explaining that Kelly plans to speak with Sara and let her know what she's getting into. Kelly plans to tell Sara all about what Sara will be getting into.

The last time Shawn saw Gracie, he was dating Destiny and telling his kids about his new girlfriend, who had just been released from prison and would be moving in with him. In the past, Gracie was distraught because she thought Shawn was planning to start a new family with Destiny.

She finds out two years later that her father is getting married to a completely different woman who is pregnant with his child. However, now that she is older, Gracie is not going to hold a grudge against Shawn since it is going to hurt her more than it is going to hurt him.' 

While Destiny confronts Shawn about how much money she thinks he owes her, Shawn is en route to Destiny's house. According to her, he owes her $25,000 for the car he promised her and all the clothes she left behind when she ghosted him and stole his car and credit cards.

Despite Destiny's escape, she has stated that she will not leave Shawn alone until he repays her what she feels she owes him. As the star of Life After Lockup admits, she only uses Shawn for his money, so she's not trying to hide her intentions.

There is also tension between Shawn and the mother of six of his children and may even exist between him and his children themselves. Shawn is trying to hide all the unfinished business under the rug, but it's creeping out and could collapse on him at any time. There is a possibility that Sara will not walk down the aisle due to the drama.

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