Twitter is accused of negligence toward cybersecurity 

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Posted on: 25 Aug, 2022

The complaint 

A former head of Twitter filed a complaint on Tuesday and has alleged that the company has misled regulators about its cyber security defenses and its problems with fake accounts. 

Huge problems for the social media platform 

This huge revelation might create some serious and legal problems for the social media platform which is currently also forcing Tesla owner Elon Musk to give $44 billion for simply hyping to buy the company. 

The accuser

Peter Zatko was fired from his position of security chief last year but he did not stop and filed complaints last month with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice. 

The accusations 

He has accused Twitter of violating the terms of a 2011 FTC settlement by falsely claiming that it had put stronger measures in place to protect the security and privacy of its users. He also accused the company of deceptions involving its handling of “spam' or fake accounts. 

Who is Peter Zatko 

Zatko is better known for his hacker handle “Mudge,” He is a highly respected cybersecurity expert who first gained prominence in the 1990s and later worked in senior positions at the Pentagon and Google.

Joined in 2020 

He joined the social media platform Twitter after CEO Jack Dorsey had urged him to do so in late 2020, and in the same year the company suffered a security breach involving hackers who broke into the Twitter accounts of world leaders. 

Twitter is all against Peter Zatko 

Twitter revealed that he was fired for “ineffective leadership and poor performance” and said the “allegations and opportunistic timing appear designed to capture attention and inflict harm on Twitter, its customers, and its shareholders.

Further details 

A spokesperson from  the U.S. The Senate's intelligence committee said the committee has received Zatko's complaint and is working to set up a meeting 'to discuss the allegations in further detail. We take this matter seriously.”

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