Twitter has been ordered to provide Elon Musk with additional bot account data

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Posted on: 26 Aug, 2022

A US decision instructed Twitter 

A US judge ordered Twitter on Thursday to provide Elon Musk with additional information on bogus accounts. a key situation the billionaire is using to try to cancel his buyout bid.

The decision ordered Twitter

The judge ordered Twitter to turn over data on 9,000 account holders audited by the agency by the end of 2021.opening the door for that data to be used in Musk's attempt to halt the $44 billion deal.

Some further information

'Some additional information from the plaintiff (Twitter) appears merited,' McCormick wrote in her four-page ruling, without expounding.

Musk has claimed

Musk has claimed that Twitter lied about the number of false or spam accounts, prompting vehement denials and a lawsuit from the social media company, which has resulted in a trial scheduled for mid-October.

The agency was opposed 

Wilson, the agency's lawyer, argued that the agency was opposed to turning over certain types of information for a variety of reasons.Including the risk of violating individuals' legal rights to privacy.

Twitter’s legal professionals 

Twitter's legal team was concerned that Musk would mishandle sensitive information turned over to his legal team.

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