13 Sep, 2022


Twitter compared how William treats Kate vs. Harry and Meghan

By FactsWow Team

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II has dominated the headlines on various social media platforms.

Official royal website

Despite the fact that their names are not recorded on the official royal website as having been awarded such titles.

Archie and Lilibet

Archie and Lilibet have been bestowed the titles of prince and princess respectively.

Harry and Meghan

A 'true demonstration of the affection that exists between the two of them' is when Harry and Meghan are seen holding hands.

Romantically involved

Many people witnessed this, and they took it as a sign that the two were romantically involved with one another.

Princess Catherine

On the other hand, Prince William proceeded directly to the driver's side of the vehicle and left Princess Catherine to her own devices.

People on Twitter

People on Twitter had a lot of things to say about the conversation that took place.


Someone voiced their opinion that 'Can't we give him a break?'

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