Twitter cleaners were treated like shit and then fired without severance pay

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Posted on: 09 Dec, 2022

Robots replace cleaners

One of the cleaners from the Twitter Team said Elon told them. Robots will replace them.

Like Garbage

While a senior Senator from California said Elon was treating them like Garbage. David Chiu, the City's attorney, is investigating if Musk broke any law.

Elon has a history of mistreating employees

Me Chiu said, 'Elon has a long history of flouting labor laws. While I'm not surprised this happened, I feel for these workers. We will be looking into this further.'

The workers were interviewed

Four workers from the San Fransico headquarters of Twitter were interviewed while they spoke in Spanish. The workers said they wouldn't have money to feed their families.

A strike

Olga Miranda, the president of the Cleaners union, organized a strike as the workers were laid off three weeks before Christmas.

Twitter was a good place without Musk

Julio Alvarado worked for Twitter for ten years, and she said everything was running smoothly before Musk acquired the company.

Musk's Team speaks about robots

When Musk took over the company, the workers escorted him to his cabin. A Musk's team member told the cleaning community of Twitter that their jobs were at stake and would be taken over by Robots soon.

Treating the cleaners Horribly

Me Wiener told in an interview that the cleaners at Twitter headquarters were treated horribly by Musk.

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