Trending news that hit the record books on December 27, 2022!

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Posted on: 27 Dec, 2022


In recent memory of the arctic blast more than four decades, the Buffalo-area blizzard is one of the record books rivalled.

Credits: The Boston Globe

Cause of the winter storm!

On 27 Monday, the death toll from a Buffalo-area blizzard rose where the winter storm killed at least 49 people. In Buffalo, dead were found in their cars, homes, and snowbanks.

Credits: The New York

Responders in New York!

First responders in New York worked through Christmas and Monday to rescue people from cars and some powerless homes buried under feet of snow.

Credits: Yahoo

SoKo drones!

South Korea scrambled some fighter jets after North Korean drones violated its airspace. The military supports this by firing warning shots and launching attack helicopters to shoot down drones.

Credits: KOSU

North incursion towards South!

In South Korea, there were no immediate reports of civilian damage that caused high tensions, and for an hour, authorities grounded flights at Seoul's two airports. It was the North's first incursion to the South airspace in five years.

Credits: Newsweek

A peace summit in Ukraine!

Ukraine wants the United Nations to moderate a peace summit within two months, around the 1st anniversary of Russia's invasion.

Credits: The New York

China – Taiwan!

China's military set 71 warplanes and seven ships toward Taiwan in a 24-hour show of force. From Sunday to Monday morning China sent planes across the Taiwan Strait into Taiwanese airspace.

Credits: Business Insider

Covid is back in China!

In China, the government is dropping pandemic restrictions. The Chinese government will no longer require passengers arriving abroad to quarantine for more than a week.

Credits: The New York

Pandemic restrictions!

Earlier this month, the government dropped many restrictions, sparking widespread outbreaks that swapped hospital emergency rooms and funeral homes. Amid the lockdowns, residents have not developed natural immunity.

Credits: Reuters

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