14 Apr, 2023


Top Romantic Comedies Ranked On Disney+

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Confessions Of A Shopaholic 

2009 best-selling novel and show Confessions of a Shopaholic saw the role of Isla Fisher to play an act of a young woman fond of shoes and clothes. After her excessive spending spirals out of hand, she resorts to deceiving her way into a position at a financial magazine.

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While You Were Sleeping 

Despite the abundance of excellent romantic comedies featuring Sandra Bullock, 'While You Were Sleeping' stands out by delivering a heartwarming and amusing plot with an unusual concept. It follows Bullock's character, a woman living a single life who saves a man (Peter Gallagher) that falls into a coma.

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A 2007 show, Enchanted takes advantage of the abundant clichés found in fairy tale romances and injects a contemporary twist for comedic effect. Amy Adams portrays a princess reminiscent of classic Disney animated films who is transported into the real-world setting of New York City.

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Never Been Kissed 

In the teen romantic comedy 'Never Been Kissed,' Drew Barrymore delivers a wholeheartedly comical portrayal of a socially inept and isolated journalist who must confront her tumultuous high school past when she is tasked with assuming the identity of a student for an undercover article.

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Father Of The Bride 

'Father of the Bride' is an atypical romantic comedy that shifts the main focus away from the central romance. Instead, the movie centers on a man (Steve Martin) coping with the chaos when his daughter gets engaged.

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Bend It Like Beckham 

'Bend it Like Beckham' is a heartwarming romantic comedy that doubles as a beloved sports film, featuring Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley as two determined young women pursuing their soccer aspirations despite their families' opposing wishes.

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The Princess Diaries

This is a romantic comedy from 2001. Anne Hathaway discovered a breakout role for teen humor, 'The Princess Diaries.' In this movie, she plays an act of Mia, an overlooked and clumsy high school learner who later considers that she is a princess of a regal family. 

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Tom Hanks' breakthrough role in 'Splash' propelled him to box office stardom, playing Allen, who, after being rescued by a mermaid as a child, reunites with her (Daryl Hannah) years later and develops a romantic relationship.

Media Credits: USA Today

Ten Things I Hate About You 

A 1999 released movie, ten things I hate about you, is a hilarious film streaming on Disney+. It has a wonderful cast and hordes of fun to enjoy. This movie is a typical teen comedy that focuses on two sisters they fall in love with. 

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The Princess Bride 

'The Princess Bride' follows a similar path to 'Enchanted' by imbuing the traditional fairy tale romance with a delightful modern touch. The movie employs a framing device in which a grandfather reads a story to his grandson about the tragic love story between a stable boy and a beautiful girl.

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