14 May, 2022


Top 5 for Leah Marlene of Normal, Illinois, on American Idol 2022

By FactsWow Team

,American Idol, has been following Leah Marlene from Normal, Illinois, all season - and now she,s in the Top Five!

Leah needs your vote to make it to the Top Three! Hosea Sanders caught up with her as she prepared for the show this Sunday!

,It,s a very overwhelming time right now, but in a good way,, Leah Marlene said. Despite having a lot of support from home, Marlene is also seeing universal support and building a large fan base.

I,m speechless,, Leah Marlene said. ,I,ve never seen my hometown and the surrounding areas rally so hard. I have lived there my whole life, and I have never seen anything like it.,

As Judge Katy Perry said about Leah Marlene, ,I don,t know who I,m looking at. You wore the bucket hat and the patchwork outfit, and now you,re just mature and graceful, and you look, and you sound, like an angel.,..,

Leah Marlene said she loves show days. ,I get to get my hair done and my makeup done. It,s just fun to express yourself outside of what,s inside. Some people say, ,You look different,, and I,m the same.,

Leah Marlene has been working hard in preparation for Sunday,s episode. She said, ,It,s short-lived.,.

,Two weeks from now, it,ll be over, so you,ve got to embrace it., She just released her new single ,Flowers, on Friday.

,It,s kind of a letter to my old self from a year or two ago, telling her that no matter how far she had fallen, there was always hope,, Marlene said. ,Even the pavement gives way to the flowers,, says the lead line.

It is up to her fans to keep Leah Marlene,s dream alive. Her words: ,This is the most important vote for the season, the last one before the finale.,. ,I love you guys so much and I can,t wait to perform for you all soon.,

Thank You!

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