Toni Collette is divorcing her husband since pictures of him kissing another woman circulate

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

The marriage ends after 20 years

Toni Collete and Dave GalaFassi divorce each other after 20 solid years of marriage.

Toni announced the Divorce.

In a joint statement, Toni announced, 'It is with grace and gratitude that we announce we are divorcing.' The statement ended with two words 'Peace and Love.'

Children the Priority

The couple loves their kids; Sage Florence and Arlo Robert are their priorities. They will continue to be a family regardless of the difficult times.

Gratitude during a difficult phase

They thanked the fans for the space given to the stars to decide their life. They expressed their gratitude and are ready to make this transition.

Toni shared a quote on her social media handle

It meant that no matter the current situation, one could change it by changing the thoughts.

Galafassi kissed another woman

Toni announced the Divorce as soon as Galafassi kissing another woman went viral on the Internet. The two sat together, held hands, and kissed multiple times.

The Marriage and Family ended

Toni and Galafassi tied the knot in 2003. they became parents to Sage in 2008. They were over the moon, and Arlo Roberts was born in 2011. Now that the current situation is completely off-guard, we wish them all the best.

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