06 Jan, 2023


Tom Hanks has the best Reaction to the Nepotism Debate

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A Man called Otto

Tom Hanks is promoting his movie, and his family has been integral to his project.

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Nepotism Debate

In an interview, Tom Hanks disclosed his views regarding Nepotism in the industry. He has defended his children from being an integral part of the industry.

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Tom's Family

Hanks has four children. The first two were Elizabeth and Colin from his first wife, Samantha Lewes. The other two he has from Rita Wilson are named Chet and Truman.

Credits: The Mirror

Nepotism, the talk of the world

Now it isn't limited to Bollywood or Hollywood. But this is a debate of the world now. Now celebrities have started speaking openly.

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Family Business

Tom Hanks talks about the family business. He promoted his four kids by saying they are all involved in storytelling. He said that's what they have always been doing. That's how his kids grew up.

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Florist and Showbiz

He compared the job to a florist and asked if that business could go down the family line. Likewise, Showbiz, and there is nothing wrong.

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Work matters

Tom further said it's the work that matters. He said it is a bitter truth. But it won't change anything. He said either of them goes and tells a story. Their last name doesn't matter. But as a part of Showbiz, they must do truthfully and create an authentic experience for the audience.

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Scathe down

Tom said proving oneself matters the most other than the fear of somebody pulling them down.

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In the movie, Truman plays the younger version of Otto. He is an Oscar-winning character. His wife, Rita Wilson, co-wrote and sang a song in the movie.

Credits: Fox News

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