Todd Chrisley Responds On Family's New Reality Show

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Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley may not be a part of his family's new reality show, but he clearly shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to supporting his children in their pursuit of a life in the limelight.

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Jay Surgent

Todd Chrisley's lawyer Jay Surgent reportedly revealed that his client is over the moon about the news of his family's upcoming reality show. In a statement to TMZ, Surgent said, 'Todd has always wanted his family on a reality show. Connect with factswow.com and explore more!

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Todd and his wife, Julie

Jay Surgent, who represents Todd Chrisley in his legal battles, hopes it will portray the desolation his family has been struggling with when he and his wife, Julie, were moved to custody at the start of this year.

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The Duos were found guilty

The couple, Todd and Julie, were found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion, and they were sentenced to a combined 19 years of jail in November 2022. Gather more information from Factswow.com and keep in touch with us.

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Todd and Julie were sent to Prison

The couple started their sentences in January, wherein Todd served 12 years of Prison in Pensacola of, Florida, while Julie spent seven years in Lexington, Kentucky. Both were filed for appeals during the last month.

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New Chrisley Reality Show

On 14th August, Monday, Scout Productions introduced a fresh Chrisley reality show focused on Julie and Todd's kids, Chloe, Grayson, Savannah, and Chase. This show will also showcase Nanny Faye Chrisley, the mother of Todd.

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The Series follows a Story

Explained as a 'persistence of the story,' this Series will trail a concern about how the kids dealt with life when their parents were sentenced to Prison. The recent unnamed project is about the story of the Chrisley family.

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The Series is dynamically Entertaining

The upcoming Series will be dynamically entertaining and naturally hilarious like never before. It does not shy away from the reliable play and grit that makes it cozy and as relatable as ever. Discover more news from Factswow.com and stay in touch.

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Savannah in Scout Productions

Savannah Chrisley, a member of her family's upcoming reality TV show, expressed her excitement over the partnership with Scout Productions. Chrisley expressed her zeal by saying, 'The time was perfect to tell our story, and we could not got the better partners.'

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Balance Empathy and Famous Culture

Savannah continued to say that their ability to balance empathy and popular pop culture via authentic storytelling is getting unveiled. She knows they will discover the right house for the next phase of their lives, and they are so happy to return.

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Chase and Savannah

Before announcing their family's upcoming reality show, Chase and Savannah Chrisley publicly spoke out about their parents Todd and Julie's struggles in Prison and alleged mistreatment, including reports of inhumane conditions and a lack of privacy.

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Todd's Attorney Blocked from Client's Mail

Todd's Attorney, Jay Surgent, claimed that his client has been experiencing difficulties communicating with the outside world due to issues with his access to mail, phone, and email services while he is serving his sentence in Prison.

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Surgent to set appointments

Jay Surgent was able to fix the appointments for Todd with the supreme assistance of the prison counselor of Todd. Get more interesting insights from Factswow.com, and remain tuned!

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