02 Jan, 2023


Titanic: Johnny Depp Refused Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lead Role

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is considered the most famous actor in Hollywood who has worked on some significant projects. He was offered the lead role of Leonardo DiCaprio but was denied for a few reasons.

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Titanic is a classic movie

Johnny chose to work in Jack Sparrow instead of Jack Dawson. Among all the movies, Titanic is the classic series of all time that showed a catastrophic love tale between two characters who met in a limited period and fell in love. A sudden incident took place and broke these two lovers.

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Jack Dawson's Role in Titanic

Several actors were considered to play the act of Jack Dawson in Titanic before ‘yes,’ said Leonardo DiCaprio. It includes the actors like Ethan Hawke, Macaulay Culkin, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt.

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Johnny Rejected the Role

Johnny denied the role because the script was too lengthy, around 180 pages. In 2001, he admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that it was too difficult to come across the entire scripted 180 pages to read and act. He added, ‘I can labor up to 15 pages of Titanic’.

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Titanic was a cult classic film

Once Titanic became a cult classic film, it gained an immense amount of 2.202 billion dollars at the movie theatre. Johnny felt that he had skipped something big. Later, in an interview, he said that he felt sad for denying the role and regret to remake the scenes at the bathtub.

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Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp

Some sources revealed that the ex-fiancés, Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp, were the leading actress and actors in the movie Titanic. They had good chemistry, but the couple parted before the film production started.

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