The Music That Endures: 20 Musicians With Timeless Hits

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Who doesn’t like songs? Well most of us can't start our day without music as it not only refreshes the mind but also gets us started for a new day. All those songs that went viral and became famous with no boundaries are still loved and adored. However, a true song gives you the same feel as that when it went viral and you got hooked on it. It's not always about the songs but the musicians as well who played them so well that people can’t stop adoring them. While on a survey, it was found that the top songs composed and sung by the maestro bunch of singers who are king of the melody world. Let’s get started with the singers:

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The list has to get started with The Weekend which is a blockbuster music band and whatever songs it throws, it’s supposed to be a super hit. Superhit was Star Boy. Dawn FM is supposedly the new album upon which the band is working.

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Then comes the Beiber fever and who doesn't love Justin Beiber? Well all of us. It's the album that went viral in less time. Love Sick is currently launched in 2023 and the fans are already drooling over it.

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Billie Eilish and damn she's a queen in the music world with her superhit bad guy album. Along with this, there are albums as in What was I made for, when I am away from you and to think of something clever. The super hits are surely hit for a reason.

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Ariana Grande and oh wow! As a stage queen, her superhit album was Positions. Her newest album is yours truly. She knows how to rock her audience as her energy is just phenomenal.

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The song Perfect is sung by Ed Sheeran who is another maestro. No words can describe the amount of love and fan following for him and his superhit album Perfect. Autumn Variations will be his new project and we can’t wait to jam over it with friends. All of his songs are the favorite of all of us.

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Are you also a swiftie? Oh yes, you must be because who isn’t? Taylor Swift is a diva, a goddess who truly knows how to inspire people and how to make fans. She got superhit even more after her album Red. Speak Now is her latest album and it will be the most listened to album. Taylor Swift is indeed a magician and she surely knows how to drive her audience crazy.

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Selena Gomez is a love at first sight and her voice is melodious like anything. It’s fair to keep her among the musicians of all time. Her album ‘A Rainy Day has a huge fan following and she still is unstoppable. However, her new album is about to be released but she hasn’t given any news regarding it. She has now kept it anonymous but we are sure it’s gonna be a superhit.

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Zayn Malik is a young singer who got fame in less time. He got three albums released and all of them were super hits. His latest one is named as nobody is listening and the songs in it are just beyond amazing. The energetic tunes, electrifying music, and the whole vibe are different when Zayn Malik is played at a concert.

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The hip-hop Dua Lipa is hidden from no one. She’s a great singer and her latest album is Future Nostalgia which also got fans immense love. Her latest and new album is expected to be released in 2024 and the fans are very curious to know the name and the songs in it. Dua has her aura and that cannot be denied.

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Adam Levine is another loved artist for the ones who fall in love for the first time, his albums are superhit. Adam is a part of Maroon 5 and currently, he’s releasing singles. The latest one is maps, middle ground, and good mood. Adam is an amazing artist and all of the fans enjoy his songs to the core.

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Mike’s Cyrus has won a Grammy and made it to the billboards for the songs and the love she received from her fans. Her new song is released this August and it’s named as used to be young. If you haven’t listened to it, you definitely should.

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Shawn Mendes who’s known to be the king of melody has fans in millions who leave no chance to adore his songs. There are a total of 4 albums that he released.

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Post Malone shakes his fans with his rapping and he’s a superhit too. His new albums are Mourning, Chemical, Enough Is Enough and Overdrive. Post Malone songs are hits and are a love language for those who love rap songs.

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Khalid has a huge fan following and his Free Spirit album is a super hit. His new album is supposed to be loved and all my life. DJ Khalid is famous for his beautiful compositions and is adored by many.

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Demi Lovato's new album revamped is a crazy one and fans can’t stop adoring it for all the right reasons.

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Sam Smith's newest album Gloria has taken place over hearts and the fans can’t stop loving it already.

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Doja Cat has a huge fan following and the latest albums are Scarlet and Planet Her. The songs are maestro and the album is yet to be released. Let's see when this takes place.

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Lil Nas X is a great singer and his last album was Montero. Most likely Summer seems to be his new album but he hasn’t announced it publicly. The fans are waiting to hear when he is going to announce.

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Chris Brown is a famous singer and has given us some of the best songs and albums so far. His new album is Don’t Give It Away, How We Roll Good Good and Summer Is Too Hot. All of these are superhit and are adored by all of us.

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Olivia Rodrigo is considered a young singer and she got immense love from the audience when her song ‘Drivers Licence’ got views in a billion and she was adored by several singers and the youth

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