19 Apr, 2023


This Season's Love Is Blind Reunion Was Filled With Shocking Moments

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A reunion was scheduled

There were some shocking moments during the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion that aired on Sunday, April 16, at 8 p.m. EST.

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Hosts joined the members

On April 14, three couples said 'I do' on LIB season 4, as the cast members joined host Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey on stage.

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There was drama at the reunion

It was no different this season. Several singles had failed to find true love. This was in line with past seasons of Love Is Blind, where drama was abounding.

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Livestream fail for Season 4 of Love is Blind

Although Love Is Blind fans eagerly anticipated the first live reunion in the series' history, Netflix's stream couldn't start until 9:15 Eastern Standard Time.

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Chelsea and Kwame's mother met on Love Is Blind

In an episode of Chelsea and Kwame, Chelsea said onscreen that Kwame's mother was 'welcoming her with open arms,' One of his nieces stated she was most grateful to Chelsea for her love and care.

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During Zack & Bliss' honeymoon, Bliss' dad will pay

Bliss admits during the reunion that it makes her and Zack's dad 'best buds,' although he appears stubborn in Love Is Blind season 4.

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The Zack & Bliss of Love Is Blind closed down Irina

The mature Bliss showed her maturity throughout the season, and her approach to the reunion was no different.

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Receipts of Zack from Love Is Blind

Zack posted receipts on Instagram before the supposed live stream, but not those viewers are used to seeing on reality TV. As Zack addressed Irina, he explained that he had receipts but that posting them would be too harsh since they were making mistakes in public.

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Irina's Direct Message to Bliss

While the couples were leaving Mexico, Irina sent Bliss a direct message wishing her the best and texting Zack the same. Bliss was the one she most hoped he pursued.

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Paul's Reaction to Micah in Love Is Blind

After Vanessa asked if Micah had answered whether she and Paul would meet, Micah responded, 'All the pressure has been off of me.'.

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Love Is Blind: Micah & Paul Dated

Micah mentioned that they dated after the show, and Paul said he was open to their relationship developing after the altar. Despite their dating, Paul never criticized her for not having enough nurturing qualities to be a mother.

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Zack of Love attacked Micah Is Blind

When he finished whispering to Paul like a lawyer would to a client, Zack sat on the couch and began to talk to Micah like an attorney would to a client. In his attack, he accused Micah of acting like she was out for Paul's blood.

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Josh and Jackie are still together on Love Is Blind

The controversial couple confirmed their relationship via video after rumors surfaced regarding their relationship. She claimed on Instagram that she was receiving death threats and worried about her safety because they didn't attend the finale.

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An In-Depth Look at Jackie's Relationship Timeline

Her video claims that production portrayed her in an unflattering light by implying that she dated Josh before she broke up with Marshall, which was not the case. Marshall called Jackie something derogatory, she said, which ended her relationship with him.

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Marshall stayed sane in Love Is Blind

Despite his clear desire to have a fling with Jackie, Marshall remained calm, collected, and composed. Upon being asked to speak to Jackie, he said eloquently, 'This is something that we both deserve.

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