11 May, 2022


This Is Us Recap: The Big Three discuss Rebecca's future

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There are three episodes left in the Big Three,s journey in tonight,s episode. The season has been filled with happy endings, but there is one sad ending left to be revealed: Rebecca,s death.

This week,s episode focuses on a discussion between Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) on how to handle Rebecca,s care in the wake of Miguel,s death. 

The debate is fueled by the siblings, desire to repay their mother for all she did for them. At the beginning of the episode, a montage shows Rebecca exhausted from taking care of the kids in the middle of the night/early morning - a crying baby, a young Kate with nightmares, and a high-school Randall who needs to sign a permission slip. 

A montage follows the montage, followed by four different time periods: Rebecca struggling to get baby Kate to sleep one night, Kevin losing a tooth, the Big Three getting caught at a party in high school, and a week after Miguel,s (Jon Huertas) death when Rebecca,s health is deteriorating fast. Let,s begin with the flashbacks.

Kate refuses to sleep one night when Jack is away on business. Rebecca dozes off only to be woken by Kate,s cries - she fell off the bed while her mother was sleeping. Terrified, Rebecca calls the doctor.

While Kate is probably fine, Rebecca sits by Kate,s crib all night, her eyes glued to her daughter in fear of any unnoticed injuries. When Kate smiles in the morning, Rebecca lets herself believe that everything is okay. According to Rebecca, Kate knew what she needed - that smile. 

Imagine the kids are around seven years old. Following the loss of his seventh tooth, Kevin wakes his parents with a joyful exclamation. Kate points out she hasn,t lost any teeth yet, and Jack remarks on how many teeth the boys have lost.

Jack says she,ll remain young forever if she doesn,t lose any teeth. Kevin plots to catch the tooth fairy, while Randall confesses that he fears the mystical creature. At that point, Rebecca tells Randall the truth about the tooth fairy and asks him not to tell his siblings.

Randall and Kate,s interactions show a stark contrast in how they were treated. The reason Randall always felt a burden of responsibility and Kate felt inferior is that Kate was often infantilized, while Randall was treated as older than his years. 

However, when Kate expresses her frustration that her brothers always seem to be ahead of her, Rebecca also offers comfort. Rebecca says Kate is simply a late bloomer; she may take longer than others to achieve her goals, but when she,s ready, she will leave everyone behind.  

Rebecca gets a late-night call from another parent because the Big Three were caught at a wild party a month after Jack,s death. Kate is drunk, and Randall was fighting.

Kevin got Kate drunk, and Randall got into a fight only to protect Kate from a guy with inappropriate designs on her. After punching the boy, Rebecca praises Randall as a hero. 

She mentions that she hopes Kate realizes she has a lot to offer in a quasi-sex talk to Kate. As a result, Kate says Rebecca should just accept that Kevin and Randall are the winning kids and realize Kate is a dud. The way her parents see (or saw) her is incorrect, she says.

Once again, she is expressing a sense of inferiority toward her brothers. Rebecca doesn,t respond, but instead, she chastises Kevin for dragging his siblings into his drunken messiness. 

While the Big Three discuss Rebecca,s future, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and the other in-laws retreat to the cabin to give the siblings space to feel their Pearson emotions. As always, Beth is the comic relief and MVP.

Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Beth (Alexandra Breckenridge) reminisce about their Pearson days. Beth insists that no one can help her siblings, despite Phillip (Chris Geere) wanting to help. Sophie agrees, pointing out that it is likely the boys are having their periodic ,who is the better man and son pissing contest.,

In the conversation, Beth and Sophie play Randall and Kevin. The women nail their impressions in a splendid scene, including their words, tone, and cadence.

The women are eventually chastised by Phillip for joking about the Big Three,s pain. Beth reveals that after so long with the Pearsons, she has taken to hiding out and blowing off steam when they erupt in feelings and speeches and grand gestures like moving in.

It,s both the biggest blessing and the biggest burden in her life to be a Pearson child. The sentiment was echoed by Sophie, and Phillip softened and embraced the lighthearted attitude. Good to see old and new in-laws bonding! 

Meanwhile, other Pearson circle members - Nicky, Edie, Madison, Elijah, and the kids - spend the day exploring the mountains. 

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