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Posted on: 13 Aug, 2022

Deacon gets a very startling wake-up call, and a pair of Forrester employees get caught doing what (let's face it) most employees do: make out in the office. When it comes to bussing, who has been busted?

Taking a stand to encourage Ridge to return to Taylor, Steffy urges him to do so in front of her mother and Thomas. She has never wavered from her belief that her father would be happier and more at peace with her mother, an assertion that has become synonymous with the brazen brunette.

Nevertheless, she had trouble convincing him before. Are we going to have a different experience this time? These are the moments we always wished for between father and daughter! Hope is consoled by Deacon, giving her confidence that Douglas will stay with her no matter what.

But is it really necessary for him to say that? Oh, do we have a custody battle on our hands? As a shock and unexpected development, the Forresters learn that Sheila Carter has passed away. Check out the reasons we're doubting Sheila's death, and why we believe her to be dead.

That teaser sounds intriguing: Steffy and Taylor discuss Douglas honestly with Thomas. They almost seem to want him to give up on his dream of moving back in with his son full-time. Is it possible that this could be the case?!?

Thomas's reformed obsession makes us wonder if the Forrester mansion will welcome him back with open arms when Eric grants him his blessing and grants a special request. As well as his realtor's efforts to find him a home, we have to wonder what happened to them. Even wealthy fashion designers have to contend with a tight market in Los Angeles!

That's eek! You'd better hide the good dishes (to prevent her from throwing them at his head)! Brooke is shocked when Ridge confesses to kissing Taylor in Monte Carlo. How will Brooke react to the news? Will she melt into a tear of grief like she usually does?

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