This inspiring couple could give us all #RelationshipGoals on Young & Restless' Courtney Hope

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

On The Young & the Restless, Sally just can't seem to get her love life right. It's fair to say, however, that her relationship problems began long before Adam broke her heart.

Even though it was to save her job, it didn't make it any better! Maybe Sally should have chosen a less volatile guy... or maybe she would have benefited from better role models

For not just relationship goals, but for life goals as well, Courtney Hope has her parents to look up to! As Sally's portrayer pointed out, mom and dad Hope have been married for decades

The caption on her Instagram post read, 'Happy 36th wedding anniversary.'. 'Seeing you guys go through life together, support each other, love each other, have adventures, and laugh together, through all the ups and downs, has been an inspiration. I love you both so much and am grateful to have both of you as parents.

Certainly, it's an impressive marriage to celebrate, but that time only tells part of the story. It has been even longer since Hope's parents got together. This year seems to have been a big milestone for them

It has been 40 years since we have been together,' she said. Your loyalty, commitment, and unconditional love showed me and [my brother, James] how true loyalty, commitment, and love are. My heart belongs to both of you

Many of her fans and friends congratulated her, and some of them spoke about their own decades-long relationships. Having read the answers, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) marveled at their quality. “Happy 36th Birthday, to the amazing people who made you so extraordinary

Hope's mom replied, 'Thank you so much, Tracey.'. I know she loves you too!”  Afterward, she thanked Courtney and everyone for the kind best wishes

I've been blessed to live with your dad for so many years! Thanks for being a part of our wedding and we look forward to many more years of wedded bliss

I don't think we could have said it better ourselves. I congratulate the couple on their happiness and wish them a lifetime of joy

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