This Day in History 21st December 2021: Snow White Premiere

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Posted on: 22 Dec, 2022

85 Years Ago Today

Eighty-five years ago today, December 21, 1937, perhaps one of the greatest animated stories premiered. 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' was written by the Brothers Grimm.

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The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm are the authors of many famous fairy tales that are read even today. They are famous for publishing old folk tales, children's fairy tales, and the first collections for the home.

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The Folk Tales

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were not only interested in researching and collecting folktales. At the request of the Prussian king, they began writing a German dictionary, which they worked on throughout their lives.

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The Classic Story

Snow White and Her Seven Dwarfs is a classic story of love, true friendship, and jealousy. After the famous fairy tale, Walt's first animated film was shot at his Disney studio.

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A Beautiful Snow White

The main character is the beautiful Snow White, who lost her mother when she was young, and her father married a beautiful yet evil woman who was jealous of Snow White's beauty.

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The Magic Mirror

The Queen always carried a magic mirror that told her she was the most beautiful in the world, but one day she got an unexpected answer.

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The Happiness

The Queen couldn't stand that Snow White was more beautiful than she was and asked the hunter to take Snow White deep into the forest to kill her, but the hunter couldn't kill the girl. He decided to free her, and Snow White found happiness with her new buddies.

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The Happy Ending

Fortunately, Snow White was rescued by the prince. In the end, good triumphs over evil, and the beautiful princess has a happy ending.

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The Queen

The Queen is a negative character found in Grimm's fairy tales. She represents all bad things and people you don't want.

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The Attitude

She is jealous and obsessive, and her beauty is callous. She is arrogant and will do anything to get what she wants.

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The Kindness

Like the fairy tales before it, the story of the beautiful white girl has a message. Throughout the story, her kindness and pure heart stand out as how she finally overcame injustice.

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The End Of The Story

Snow White is the embodiment of innocent kindness that will surely be rewarded in the end. It's a transformation.

Credits: Comics,Comic Atrt& Animation-Heritage

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