Things you need to learn about Madelyn Cline's life and parents

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Posted on: 24 Dec, 2022

Madelyn Cline?

Madelyn is an American actress and model born on 21 December 1997.

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Career in Short

She started as Matilda in Milites Christi in 2009. She was featured as Willow in Savannah Sunrise in 2016. Madelyn's debut in TV films happened through The Jury in the role of Grace Alexander. However, in 2020 Madelyn got her first lead role as Sarah Cameron in the hit series Outer Banks 2020.

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Personal life

Madelyn met Chase Strokes at the meeting of the first series of Outer Banks. They immediately hit it off and also won an award for an amazing kiss.

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Madelyn was featured in the music video of Hot Stuff in 2020. she has been on the covers of American Girl and Harper Bazaar.

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The most searched thing about Madelyn is her parents. So as per reports, Madelyn's father is Mark Cline, and he is a water engineer.

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The second most searched thing about Madelyn is her mother. Pam Cline, a real estate agent, is the mother of Madelyn Cline.

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