21 Dec, 2022


These Actors You Didn't Know Tried Out For Famous TV Characters

By FactsWow Team

Iwan Rheon as Jon Snow!

Iwan Rheon first auditioned as part of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. He did a fantastic job as Simon in the Misfits UK series.

Credits: Digital Spy

Taylor Momsen as Hannah Montana!

Hannah Montana is a unique character brought to life by Miley Cyrus. She was the casting director, including Taylor Momsen.

Credits: Digital Spy

Nathan Fillion as Angel!

Fillion auditioned for Angel. Joss Whedon felt bad because he did not remember his audition; he would have been present during the first round.

Credits: Insider

Katie Holmes as Buffy!

Dawson’s Creek alumna Katie Holmes booked the part of Buffy. The audition for BTVS happened before Holmes was cast as Joey, and she turned the role down.

Credits: popsugar

Jennifer Lawrence as Serena Van Der Woodsen!

Serena van Dar Woodsen was an iconic character that teenagers adored and liked. A different actress almost portrayed the character. Most actresses auditioned for the part, including the non-famous Jennifer Lawrence.

Credits: Glamour

Rob Lowe as Derek Shepherd!

McDreamy looked different from the way everyone knew. He was doubtful about joining the cast because ABC's dramas had a pendant for failing. He decided to give Dr. Vegas a chance.

Credits: US weekly

Elizabeth Olsen as Daenerys Targaryen!

Elizabeth Olsen recalled auditioning for the most iconic TV roles. Elizabeth is a fantastic actress and the moment of a significant part of the MCU franchise includes some of her best movies.

Credits: Pinterest

Kristin Davis as Monica Geller!

Kristin Davis, known as the fabulous Charlotte from Sex and the City, recalled reading for the part of Monica Geller on Friends.

Credits: Instyle

Octavia Spencer as Donna Meagle!

Octavia Spencer is in the running role of office manager Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation. One of her scenes caused a viral meme that is popular till now.

Credits: Wechoice Blogger

Selma Blair as Joey Potter!

Selma Blair is most famous for her role of Vivian in Legally Blonde for the role of Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek.

Credits: Wikipedia

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