There will not be a sequel to 'The Holiday,' despite widespread speculation

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

The Holiday

Nancy Meyers' 2006 Christmas movie, 'The Holiday,' has been an enduring favourite among movie fans since it was released 16 years ago.

British newspaper columnist Iris

The film follows British newspaper columnist Iris (Kate Winslet) and American movie trailer editor Amanda (Cameron Diaz) as they spend Christmas in Los Angeles and northern England, respectively, to get over their respective breakups.

Jack Black and Jude Law

They both find love in their new locations, with Jack Black and Jude Law playing their respective love interests.


There was some speculation earlier this year of a sequel, but reps for Winslet have confirmed that it is not happening.

Movie's stars

However, all of the movie's stars and the director have new projects lined up for themselves.

Netflix movie 'Back in Action'

Diaz is set to make her return to the big screen with the Netflix movie 'Back in Action' featuring Jamie Foxx.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Law will play Captain Hook in the 2023 adaptation of 'Peter Pan & Wendy' that will air on Disney+, and Black will provide the voice for Bowser in the next 'Super Mario Bros. Movie.'

New Avatar movie

Winslet will appear in the new Avatar movie this month.


Meyers will be directing a new ensemble movie for Netflix.

Cast of 'Holiday' won’t return together

Even though it is unfortunate that we won't be able to see the cast of 'Holiday' return together, we can still look forward to.

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