There is a list of actors Brad Pitt will not work with, according to Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Posted on: 07 Aug, 2022

'Brad Pitt has a “good” list and an “s–t” list of actors he will and won't work with,' actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson says. The pair star in David Leitch's 'Bullet Train,' directed by the director of 'John Wick' and 'Deadpool 2'.

The actor discussed his experience working with Pitt while promoting his latest film at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

According to the actor, Pitt is now at the beginning of a new chapter in his life, I think.”

'He just wants to give light and joy into the world and be around people who want to have a good time,' continued Taylor-Johnson, who has previously appeared in action movies like 'Kick-Ass' and 'Avengers: Age of Ultron.'

“The more actors you work with, the more notes you make: 'I will never work with this person again.' Brad has a similar list: the 'good' list and the 'bad' list.

After being seriously injured on set during a fight between the two actors in the film - released in the US on Friday - Taylor-Johnson has been hospitalized.

Shortly after sustaining a hand injury, the actor fainted from 'low blood sugar levels after implementing a 'crazy mad Keto diet' to get 'scrawny and lean' for the film.

I got dropped across the room during a fight sequence. I took a chunk out of my hand when the corner was sharp and there was no padding. During the incident, he described going wham and passing out.

When I came back, I asked, ‘Should we go again?' They replied, ‘No, no, no.’ That means you've got to go to the hospital for stitches.' So I spent the night there,' he said.

“The deal with David Leitch is you are going to get some battle scars, some war wounds,” he said.

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