20 Dec, 2022


There are many sitcoms about black relationships that are funny

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Relationship-based focus

It is not uncommon for funny shows to focus on relationships, ranging from family relationships to romances and friendships.

Credits: BBC

Managing a black neighborhood school

This sitcom is set in an underfunded school in a predominantly Black neighborhood, where a documentary school follows undervalued teachers.

Credits: PhillyVoice

Hip-Hop Shows Ins & Outs in Atlanta

Describes what it's like for Black people trying to break into the music industry and the strange nature of the hip-hop scene in Atlanta.

Credits: BBC

Family Strength Drives Good Times

Originally a spin-off of Maude, which was itself a spin-off of All in the Family, Good Times focused on Black parents. Good Times shows the Evanses, a working-class family who make ends meet but appreciate their family's unity.

Credits: PhillyVoice

A Black Family Follows the Jeffersons

There weren't many upper-class Black characters as main characters at the time in The Jeffersons, as the titular family adjusts to a new neighborhood.

Credits: Insider

A Father-Son Story

Sanford And Son, a sitcom about Fred Sanford and his son Lamont, was among the first sitcoms to feature Black male lead actors.

Credits: DAR.com

Difficult Neighborhoods Feature Roc

In Roc, Rock is a garbage collector in a neighborhood filled with gangsters, drug dealers, and more. His loving family stands behind him as he fights to preserve the streets from gangsters, drug dealers, and more.

Credits: BET

Parenting Methods of a Family Man in My Wife and Kids

Despite his successful career, Michael Kyle finds raising his kids and dealing with his overly emotional wife complicated. Even so, he and his family have a close relationship that overcomes their challenges.

Credits: Television Academy

Two Upbringings Collide on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

There were countless theories regarding what caused Will Smith, who plays a fictionalized version of himself, to become famous. As a result, Will Smith’s Street style clashes with the mannerisms of his aunt's wealthy family.

Credits: Complex

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