16 Dec, 2022


‘The Whale’: Aronofsky Is To Create Black Swan Musical

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‘The Whale’ director

Recently, ‘The Whale's director, named, ‘Darren Aronofsky’ is receiving a lot of dings for his upcoming movie, ‘The Whale’ and now, he is looking forward to composing a musical song on the theme of Black Swan.

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, who Aronofsky also directed in 2010, is based on a psychological horror movie about Andres Heinz. It has gained various Oscar Nominations. Aside from this, the film ‘Portman’ won ‘the Best Actress Category’ in 2011.

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Black Swan Musical

Darren Aronofsky said to ‘The A.V. Club, ‘We are trying to create the Black Swan musical. We like to see what happens. Though, we are working on that. I am near to few thoughts.’ He said he spoke with many folks regarding this and would like to compose a musical song.

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It is a very Tricky Thing

Darren Aronofsky stated, ‘It is tricky as songs from musicals don’t become famous in a short period. So, what can I do? I believe Hamilton is excellent as Lin-Manuel Miranda infused with a hip-hop musical theme, which was brilliant. But it is challenging to determine the right angle from where music comes.

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A Thought about Black Swan Musical

Aronofsky added that he has spent ‘more time to think about’ the right music for probable Black Swan musical and is hoping that one day he will ‘figure out something new.’

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What is Black Swan

‘Black Swan’ is a story about a ballerina who self-destructs in her pursuit of excellence.

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