The View Fans Have Slammed Producers After Whoopi Goldberg Was Cut Off In The Middle Of A Major Declaration

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

Talking About Minted

Whoopi talked about Minted, a company specializing in custom cards and invites, while two people dressed as elves danced behind her to Christmas music.

Talking To Microphone

Speaking into a microphone, the comedian declared: 'Everyone in their audience is going home with a $500 Minted voucher!'

The Holiday Gifts

Whoopi added: 'But wait, they are not done! Every day, an at-home viewer will also win these great holiday gifts!'

Thanks Given By Whoopi

Whoopi shared details on how to win on The View website before adding: 'Everybody, thanks for coming! Thanks for'

The Show Switched To Commercials

The show abruptly cut off and switched to commercials before the actress could finish her sentence.

The Awkward Editing Blunder

Viewers at home didn't miss the awkward editing blunder, with one commenting on an Instagram fan account: 'Producers clearly couldn't give a f**k by the end of the show.'

Awkward Blunder On The View

Another added: 'Yes, Whoopi saw that too!' This isn't the first time Whoopi has experienced an awkward blunder on The View.

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