26 Dec, 2022


The U.S. has been hit by a frigid monster storm that has claimed 34 lives

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Sunday was a bitterly cold day

The winter storm, which has already killed 34 people across the country, prompted millions of Americans to hole up in the deep freeze on Sunday.

Credits: NPR

Storm-related effects

As a result of the storm, tens of thousands of homes and businesses are without power, and it is expected to claim more lives.

Credits: The Wall Street Journal

Great Lakes are flooded

Across the Rio Grande border with Mexico, the storm has reached the Great Lakes near Canada, stretching nearly to the Canadian border.

Credits: The New York Times

Warning for winter weather

From east of the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians, about 60% of the nation was under some winter weather advisory or warning.

Credits: Courier Express

Weather-related cancellation

Hundreds of flights have already been canceled due to the bad weather, and more are expected this week as a bomb cyclone makes its way across the country.

Credits: Fox 13

Rapid drops in atmospheric pressure

Storms develop near the Great Lakes when atmospheric pressure drops rapidly, triggering blizzard conditions with heavy winds and snow.

Credits: The Salt Lake Tribune

Several flights were canceled

On Sunday, FlightAware reported that 1,707 flights had been canceled domestically and internationally.

Credits: NBC News

Inaction paralyzed efforts

Several emergency response efforts were paralyzed by the storm's hurricane-force winds and snow accumulations, which caused whiteout conditions in Buffalo.

Credits: AccuWeather

There was a stranded city

Governor Kathy Hochul urged people Sunday to respect a driving ban in the region as almost every fire truck in the city was stranded.

Credits: Audacy

The airport will be closed

A snow total of 43 inches was reported at Buffalo Niagara International Airport at 7 a.m. Sunday. Government officials said the airport would be closed through Tuesday morning.

Credits: NJ.com

Restoring power

Over the past two days, power has been restored across the U.S. after the storm knocked out power from Maine to Seattle.

Credits: NJ.com

Power outages for customers

The number of customers without power on Sunday is down to fewer than 200,000, down from 1.7 million at the outage's peak.

Credits: NJ.com

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