The Uncharted movie is now available on Netflix

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Posted on: 06 Aug, 2022

Netflix has now officially begun streaming Uncharted. It was released in theaters earlier this year before becoming available for purchase in stores and online several months later. 

Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake while Mark Wahlberg plays Victor 'Sully' Sullivan. Uncharted has finally been made available on Netflix after being announced last year.

The Uncharted movie was originally scheduled to launch on the streaming service last month, but it was unexpectedly delayed. 

After some delay, when it looked like the film adaptation would be streamed on August 19th, that date was eventually changed to August 5th -- today -- after the film had been delayed. 

In any case, Holland fans and fans of the PlayStation video game franchise can now stream it to their hearts' content for free using Netflix.

'Sully' Sullivan recruits street-smart Nathan Drake to recover a fortune amassed by Ferdinand Magellan and lost by the House of Moncada 500 years ago, according to Uncharted's official description. 

' An attempt at a heist turns into an epic race around the world to reach the prize before Santiago Moncada, who believes he has the rightful heir to the prize. 

Nate and Sully have the potential to find $5 billion in treasure and perhaps even Nate's long-lost brother if they can solve one of history's oldest mysteries...but only if they can work together.'  

Netflix now offers Uncharted movie streaming. There are also digital versions available, as well as DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HD options. Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg plays Victor 'Sully' Sullivan, and Antonio Banderas plays Santiago Moncada. 

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