09 Jan, 2023


The Ultimate Overview Of Golden Globes 2023

By FactsWow Team

Golden Globes are back

Now, the Golden Globes 2023 is back in another form of amusing manner. The fashion world is ready for the major red carpet when the award shows airs on Tuesday. The industry looks forward while there might be a shadow looming on the carpet.

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Angela Bassett

The treads were good, and Angela Bassett was dressed by Austin, who was nominated for her role in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ as Queen Ramonda for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in Motion Picture. She said that we had taken a long way to go.

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A Plethora of A-listers in Ceremony

After a private ceremony in 2022, Hollywood is ready to move now. Plenty of A-listers are involved in the 2023 Golden Globes: Tracy Morgan, Billy Porter, Ana de Armas, Quentin Tarantino, Natasha Lyonne, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Headline-making names like Selena Gomez and Rihana were also in this Award event.

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Plans For Reform and 103 New Voters

The Golden Globes 2023 came once the organization revised their prominent plans for reform and got around 103 new voters that are compiled with 13.6% Black, 22.3% Latine, 10.7% Middle Eastern, 11.7% Asian while 41.7% White, and 58.3% as ‘culturally diverse.’

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Cristina Ehrlich

The stylist Cristina Ehrlich who dressed Lyonne, said, ‘It is time to change. The world faces a difficult time now, so fashion’s job is to render optimism, glamour, fantasy, and beauty.

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Emma D’Arcy

Emma D’Arcy, the Rose Forde Stylist, said it was strange as it came quickly after Christmas. Emma D’Arcy was nominated for a Drama series, ‘House of the Dragan’ for the ‘Best Television Actress.’ The Globes appear a little tricky from a styling point of view.

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Kate Young

Kate Young said in the Globes Ceremony that it was so early, so I had to plan early. Kate dressed Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, and Gomez, and they were nominees in the ceremony. He added that it was something to be planned before the holiday.

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Ilaria Urbinati

The stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, said that at this point, some international brands with their pieces of stuff are ready to head towards L.A. or New York. Ilaria dressed all the nominees of Adam Scott, Donald Glover, Damien Chazelle, Diego Calva, and Barry Keoghan.

Media Credits: The New York Times

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